An interview with Senior Vice President Dietmar Heinisser

Dietmar Heinisser, Senior Vice President and Division Head of Pulp & Paper Service, to which LENSER has belonged since 2012.

Do you remember the takeover of LENSER? What were the reasons for the takeover? And were the goals achieved?
LENSER was acquired by ANDRITZ AG in 2005. ANDRITZ is one of the world’s leading specialists in separation technology with many technical solutions and comprehensive services. LENSER is the market leader in the filter plate segment and complements the ANDRITZ service and product portfolio perfectly. LENSER has developed very positively. Innovative solutions are developed close to customers to optimize their total cost of ownership.

How does the cooperation between LENSER and the group work?

In its 50-year history, LENSER has established itself as a filtration specialist for many large OEMs and has thus developed a broad customer base. LENSER serves its customers through its own global distribution network, but at the same time has access to the ANDRITZ Group’s resources and synergies.

What role does LENSER play in the group and what are the synergy effects?

As a filtration specialist, LENSER is a sought-after source of impetus within the ANDRITZ Group. For example, the intelligent filter plate was developed by LENSER and brought to market maturity.

What do you want for the future, especially with regard to Industry 4.0?

We continue to work hard on smart filtration solutions to provide our customers with optimal filtration processes. A high return on capital for satisfied customers is our ultimate goal.

What do you want for the future, especially with regard to ANDRITZ?

ANDRITZ is strongly focusing its research and development activities on digitization. Under the METRIS brand, we already offer our customers many intelligent solutions to optimize processes – all based on the Industrial Internet of Things. Our goal is to position ourselves as an innovation and market leader in this area as well.

And for the entire market?
Due to increased environmental requirements and the strong trend towards digitization, many exciting challenges await us in the coming years, but we are well equipped for them. There is still a lot of potential for optimization in the field of filtration and therefore specialists like LENSER will continue to be sought-after partners for our worldwide customers in the future.

Translated from original.